About Mantra

In this section of the website you can read all about the band members, how they started out, their influences, their past experiences and much more.


The latest power house rock band to come straight out of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and onto the worldwide music scene. These guys are ready to rock the roof off any venue and get your bones shaking and hearts pumping with their amazing distinctive guitar riffs and catchy and melodic original songs. With influences from U2, Cold Play, AC/DC, Screaming Jets and The Beatles, just to name a few, Mantra (previously known as Andrew Mann & Mantra) are going all the way to the top and will let nothing stand in their way.

With their debut album ‘Power of Sound’ recorded and produced by ‘Daniel Jones’ from ‘Savage Garden’ and mastered in one of Australia’s best recording and mastering facilities, Studio 301 in Sydney, this album has an amazing appeal to capture a large worldwide audience. Each member of Mantra has many years in the music industry and has the knowledge and mind set to carry this band to the ultimate level…….the top.

mantra_retouched_lowres_15Andrew – Lead Vocals
A little bit about me… From the moment I could strum my first chord, I was drawn to the infinite possibilities of sound and the words they evoked. That constant challenge that every song presents of finding a melody and fitting the words to it are what I Love. Every song is a new challenge that I never tire of, because it is a journey of discovery that is creative.I have wondered though, with all that I have gone through in pursuing music, why an artist must bleed from their soul to have it recognized, accepted and make a living from it….but that is life’s journey and lesson. It makes you value what you have, and appreciate all that you achieve. I grew up in Papua New Guinea, I had an ideal childhood with a beautiful, Loving family around me, and all the time to write songs, I know….I was blessed.
mantra_retouched_lowres_14Wayne – Bass / Backing Vocals
To Wayne’s ears, the bass always stood out in music. While others heard the shredding lead guitar, Wayne heard the bottom end. Wayne played acoustic guitar for many years and 14 years ago walked into a music shop to buy a new set of strings but instead, walked out with his first bass guitar – bought on a whim, chosen because of the colour and body shape! Wayne set about learning to play the bass, helped along by a guitar playing friend, who would ultimately form a cover band, inviting Wayne to play bass.Wayne worked in the Middle East at the time and the all-expatriate band “Handful” was formed. Handful was a popular band among the expat community and performed regularly, always learning new material and delivering a wide range of popular covers. After gigging for around 10 years, the lead singer (now Wayne’s wife) decided she’d had enough and so Handful retired. Without wasting any time, Wayne and the lead guitarist soon formed a Ska cover band with some expatriate musicians and called themselves The SKAnksters. The SKAnksters were very popular among the expat community and performed frequently, right up until Wayne retired from working in the Middle East. Wayne’s last gig with The SKAnksters was the Bahrain Reggae Festival.Wayne and his wife arrived back in Australia to their home on the Sunshine Coast and Wayne lost no time in registering with a website devoted to finding local musicians. After some passing interest from a few “wannabe” kids, Wayne received a phone call from a guy called Andrew, late one night. Andrew was the lead singer and songwriter for Mantra and after a 2 hour telephone conversation, Wayne enthusiastically agreed to meet for an audition as bass player. Wayne and Andrew hit it off immediately and after jamming with Andrew on some of his original music, Wayne was asked to join the band.
mantra_retouched_lowres_16Dan – Drums / Backing Vocals
Starting out on drums at the young age of 14 years old, Dan knew he was heading into something that he would love for the rest of his life. After getting lessons for about 6 months Dan got his first drum kit from his parents on his birthday. After having played for a couple of years Dan joined a Rockabilly band called ‘The Wild Ones’ playing to all the local Rock ‘n’ Roll dance clubs from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. Playing along side some of the biggest names in the genre and industry….including ‘The Living End’ who were also known in their covers act as ‘The Runaway Boys’.Years later Dan decided to venture off and start playing some more current and modern covers by starting up one of the Sunshine Coast’s biggest and most popular covers band….’Meridian’. To this day Meridian are performing to crowds all over the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. After deciding to move from the covers circuit into the originals circuit Dan decided to join a form a band called ‘Atlas’ with his long time keyboardist friend ‘George Angelakos’ who is one of the best song writers and composers that Dan has ever had the honour of playing along side of. Atlas was a great band with really catchy and melodic songs that really reached out and grabbed you. Due to the unexpected mess around from guitarists and unfortunate band member differences ‘Atlas’ came to an end, which was such a shame.After this Dan joined a local originals band called ‘Prime8’ and was fortunate enough to play drums on 3 of the 6 track EP that the band recorded in Brisbane. The lead singer and guitarist ‘Stuart’ is the brother of ‘Mantra’ vocalist ‘Andrew’…..such a small world isn’t it. After many years out of the band game Dan got asked to play with ‘Meridian’ again and 5 years later and hundreds of gigs playing to thousands of people Dan decided to leave due to a series of unfortunate events.

Which brings us to how Dan joined ‘Mantra’. Just 3 short months after leaving Meridian Dan received a phone call from Mantra lead vocalist ‘Andrew’ asking if he would like to audition for the role as drummer for the band. Dan kindly accepted the challenge. After just a short audition the band decided to ask Dan to join as the full time member of Mantra.

mantra_retouched_lowres_17Damian – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Mantra would like to warmly welcome Damian to the line-up of Mantra. Rocking the guitar he has everything it takes to rock the stage with these boys.Damian’s bio is coming soon so keep an eye out for it right here.



Andrew Mann (Lead Vocals):
* High performance vocal microphone (cordless preferred)
* On-stage foldbacks
Damian Crisp (Guitar/Backing Vocals):
* Mesa Boogie Mark V or equivalent
* 4+ power board front and rear
* Vocal mic
Wayne Hall (Bass/Backing Vocals):
* Fender Rumble 4×10 cab and Rumble 500 head.
* If a big gig then add on a Rumble 1×15 cab or similar like a Markbass or Aguilar.
* Vocal mic.
Dan Rickard (Drums/Backing Vocals):
* 4 piece drum kit (minimum-includes as follows)
* Bass drum
* High tom (rack tom)
* Floor tom (large tom)
* Snare drum
* 2 x 16″ crash cymbals
*14′ Hi-Hats
* 1 x 20″ or larger ride cymbal
* 1 x Vocal mic